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Science Clips--characteristics of matter

  1. Condensation Experiment
    1. clear plastic cups, ice cubes and paper towels
  2. Melting Ice Cubes Experiment
    1. ice cubes, saltshaker and paper towels
  3. Shaving Cream Experiment
    1. shaving cream and paper towels
  4. Homework Assignment
    1. dixie cups
  1. Condensation
    1. Start with water in clear plastic cups and add three ice cubes.
    2. Have them explain what they see, and breathe on the cups to see where extra water comes from.
  2. Melting Ice Cubes
    1. Start with two ice cubes and have the students sprinkle salt on the cubes. What do they see?
    2. Salt is NaCl. When the salt is sprinkled on the ice, the molecules break apart and interfere with H2O and can't reform to ice.
  3. Shaving Cream
    1. Squirt shaving cream on students' desks.
    2. Is it solid, liquid or gas?
    3. Slide on desk, does it stay together?
    4. Put a penny on top and see what happens.
  4. Homework Assignment
    1. The students will have three dixie cups. Have them put water in one cup, water and teaspoon of salt in second cup, and water and one teaspoon of sugar or water and two teaspoons of salt in third cup.
    2. Put in freezer, over next half hour check every five minutes and write down what is happening.
    3. Leave in freezer until next morning and write down what has happened over night.

Evolution DI Presentation:

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